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Unfortunately the sports memorabilia industry gets a lot of bad press thanks to a minority of rogue traders out there. The ease of which they can set up an online shop through processes such as eBay makes these sorts of companies almost untraceable and able to get away with selling, for want of a better word, fakes!

Luckily not every sports memorabilia company are like this. At Premium Hospitality we actually pride ourselves on bringing only the best products for our customers along with the authenticity they demand.

One of the ways we do this is by providing our own certificate of authentication with each item we sell. This certificate is proof to our customers that the product they are buying is 100% genuine and has been sourced by a member of our autograph scouting team. This ensure the product is hand signed by the person who is acclaimed to have signed it.

The second step we have taken is registering with companies such as UACC (Universal Autograph Collector’s Club). The UACC is a non-profit organisation to ensure the authenticity of autographed products. The company provides blacklists of companies that they have recognised to sell counterfeit autographs. As part of what they do is to offer assurance to potential buyers that the autographed products on UACC registered company has are both reputable and 100% genuine.

The following excerpt is taken from their respected websites.


The Universal Autograph Collector’s Club, Inc. is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the education of the autograph collector. Founded in 1965 by a Long Island group of collectors, the UACC has grown and developed into one of the premier collector’s organization in the world. This website illustrates the UACC’s commitment to educating the collector as well introducing the hobby to those who may have an interest.

The UACC has been serving the collector since 1965. It is the largest autograph organization in the world with members in over 20 different countries. We provide education to our members using our website, journal, classes and publications.