Sports Memorabilia

Our sports memorabilia section is one of the main hubs for Premium Hospitality. We source our products from some of the leading athletes and sports personalities in the world to bring you the very best in premium sports memorabilia.

Which sports do you cover?

We try and cover as many sports as possible from golf, boxing, football, cricket, rugby and many more. But we realise that in order to bring you the premium quality that our clients strive for, we have to be selective over what we stock. It’s for this reason that whilst our portfolio may not be as large as some of our competitors, it’s amongst the best in terms of quality.

Our product list can include anything from signed shirts, photos and a host of sporting paraphernalia.

How do we know it’s genuine?

Each item we stock comes complete with a certificate of authentication. It’s this certificate that gives you the peace of mind in which every collector or purchaser of sports memorabilia requires.

The products in which we stock are sourced from a professional team of autograph collectors who travel around the world to collect authentic, hand signed memorabilia. Each product is also finished to the highest standard often with a beautifully crafted wooden frame, picture of the sports person, signed product and a glass finish to really bring the memorabilia to life.

We are members of both AFTAL and UACC which are recognised as two of the leading organisations when it comes to authentic and professionally sourced autographs. By being associated with such prestigious companies it allows us to authenticity and quality to our customers.

Request an Item

It’s worth mentioning that if there is something that you are specifically looking for or an autograph that you want us to look out for then please do not hesitate to contact us. Whilst we make every effort to get the latest products into our online shop, there may be occasions where we can source additional products. For more information drop us a message with what you are looking for via our contact form.